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Post by OldMeister on Fri May 20, 2016 6:40 pm

Are You Newbie On Our Server? You Want Become Better Player Know Much More? you in the right place here some commands to teach you about the server:                                            
  /login /register /changename /admins /donors /report /autologin /stats /pm /nopm /dnd /reply /acmds /givegun
  /givemoney /shout /god /jp /spawn /respawn /eject /repair /kill /sync /home /go /gos /time /weather
                                                                     Teleport Commands!
  /t /go /stunts /hotspots /jumps /others /rollercoasters /drifts /basejump /dm /tdm /freeroam /derbys /races /exit
Other Commands!
/tc 1-3 /ad /mycolor /carpaint /carcolor /neon /attachments /tube

Thats All For Now More On The Way Good Luck!

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